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The Haas Signature Collection has three main door styles.
To browse each of the many offerings within each door style, click on the images below.

Full Overlay

Partial Overlay


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Door styles with full overlays will overhang the front frame by 1-5/16", leaving 3/16" of framing exposed. If two cabinets are installed next to each other, there will be a 3/8" gap between the door edges. In order to accommodate crown and bottom moldings, we leave 1/2" of frame exposed on the top and bottom edge of full overlay door styles. Full overlay door styles are more contemporary, popular on the east coast, urban settings, and coastal areas.


Door styles with traditional overlays will overhang the front frame by 5/16", leaving 1-3/16" of framing exposed. If two cabinets are installed next to each other, there will be a 2-3/8" gap between door edges. The partial overlay door style is a more old-world, conservative method of building cabinet doors and is very popular on products sold throughout the Midwest.


For an inset door style, the cabinet door is actually set inside the front frame opening making the outer surface plane of the door flush with the cabinet front frame. Unique hinges are required to make inset styled doors operate. Our inset series of product features a 1/8" gap between the door outer edge and the inside edge of the front frame. Inset door styles result in a very strong Mission or Shaker style of kitchen.


Specifications and product offered may change without notice. Product shown may include optional selections. Hardware is not included. Not all computer monitors reflect colors in the same manner. Haas suggests visiting your local dealer to see a more precise color match of its product and for the most up-to-date product information. Duplication without explicit written permission is not authorized.