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Haas Cabinet Features

Dovetailed wood drawers

All Signature Collection drawers are made of 5/8" thick solid hardwood material. A 1/4" thick plywood drawer bottom is grooved into the box on all four edges and glued. This long-lasting construction technique provides years of trouble-free service to one of the most used components in your kitchen.

All Lifestyle Collection drawers are made of 1/2" thick maple plywood material. A 3.2MM thick hardwood drawer bottom is grooved into the box on all four edges and glued. Upgrade to Signature Collection drawers and drawer guides are available.

All drawers are standard with dovetail joints on all four corners. These joints are glued under pressure and provide years of drawer structure reliability.


Undermount drawer guides

Signature Collection drawer guides are hidden from view by using an “under mount” mounting method. The full weight of the drawer rests directly on the guides, not mounting screws. Full-access, soft-close, ball-bearing Hettich drawer guides are standard on most products. An additional upgrade to a full-extension guide with soft-close features is also available.

Lifestyle Collection drawers use side-mounted, epoxy-coated drawer guides. Upgrade to Signature Collection drawers and drawer guides are available.


U/V cured finishes

Most stained products feature a state-of-the-art ultraviolet-cured, clear finish topcoat. This finish is one of the hardest and most long-lasting finishes available on cabinetry, making it more resistant to scratching or fading than most other finishes. The U/V finish is applied in a sealed, automated spray booth and is also very low in VOC emissions, making it more environmentally friendly than many other coatings.


Wide selection of door styles, woods, and colors

Haas manufactures cabinets in today’s most popular woods: maple, oak, hickory, and cherry. There are even rustic versions of hickory and cherry woods available. Combine these woods with our over 40 styles (looks) of doors and you are sure to find several door choices that fit the design theme you have in mind for your kitchen. Multiple finish colors ranging from light to medium, to dark and painted cabinets in just about any color, ensure you get exactly the look you want. Cabinet finish colors are available across the board - from the least expensive all the way to the most expensive door styles we offer.


Mortise and tenon joints

All cabinet and door frames are made using mortise and tenon joints - not pocket screws or wedge nails. Mortise and tenon joints have been in use in fine woodworking for centuries and help ensure the strongest, most long-lasting wood joints possible. The joints are glued, clamped under pressure, and then pinned for extra security.


Miter Joint

Mitered joint corners are cut at 45 degrees and glued together, similar to most picture frames.


Parts are American made

All cabinet components are made in our factory - our door or frame production is not out- sourced like many other cabinet manufacturers. Making our own parts not only allows us to offer custom size modifications, it also ensures the parts meet our standards and keeps jobs in America.


Custom size modifications

Being a vertically integrated manufacturer means having a lot of flexibility. We can manufacture cabinets in a variety of special sizes. By choosing standard sized products where you can, and special sized pieces only where they are needed, you can have your custom kitchen at a stock price point.


Solid wood frames and doors

All Signature Collection and Lifestyle Collection cabinets use a 3/4" thick solid hardwood front frame. Frames are grooved to accept the cabinet top/bottom and end panels, providing a sturdy, interlocking construction.


Flexible features

The ability of cabinets to adapt to your needs is expected. Most cabinets feature adjustable shelves that allow the homeowner to select the opening sizes. In addition, a full array of unique pull-out products is available to maximize access to some hard-to-reach areas. Many other convenience features are also available and most all of these can be tailored, or tweaked, so they work for exactly the products you need.

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