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Accessories + Upgrades

Pullout Shelving

Haas offers a variety of pullout shelving installed behind the cabinet doors and base cabinets. These pullouts allow for easy access to large, heavy items without stooping or reaching.

Sliding shelves

Our most popular pullout accessory. These pullouts are available installed in most base cabinets. Two pullouts are standard but extras can be ordered up to a maximum of eight in a base cabinet. Tall cabinets have four as standard with a maximum of fourteen available. A 2-1/2" tall rollout tray with side-mounted 3/4" extension drawer guides allow for easy access to highly used items. The sliding shelf system uses a post kit framework in the cabinet door opening, which allows the trays to be easily adjusted to hold a variety of products.

Full-access rollouts

Working on the same concept as sliding shelves, these 3-1/4" tall pullout trays feature a 105 lb. undermount drawer guide. This drawer guide is full-extension, allowing access to items way in the back and includes a soft-close feature. This allows the drawer to be closed without banging against the back of the cabinet.

Bottom mounted rollout

This pullout is identical to the full-access rollouts, but instead of using a post kit framework, this unit mounts directly to the cabinet floor. While it cannot be adjusted to a different level, it does allow the use of other non-moving shelves above the rollout. This is an ideal pullout tray when you want easy access for a few highly used items, but still need to store the seldom used pieces in the base cabinet but out of the way.




Door and Drawer Features

Soft-Close Drawers

If desired, there are several options to allow for gentle soft closure of the cabinet drawers. The standard full-access (7/8 extension) guide may be fitted with soft close dampers. There is also an upgrade to increase the drawer to full-extension guides that feature soft-close dampers.

King drawer guide

As an alternative to the Blumotion, a similar guide is available that carries slightly less cost. The King guide is full-extension and offers the same soft-close feature.

Blum Blumotion hinges for doors

These hinges are six-way adjustable and use an overload safety feature which protects the hinge from damage if the door is slammed. The deactivation switch allows small or light doors to close with the same high quality of motion.



End Panel Choices

Haas offers a variety of choices when the end of the cabinet is exposed. Choices range from simple plywood finished ends to the more elaborate integrated ends. A wainscot look on exposed ends in your kitchen can transform a modestly priced kitchen into a showplace.


Integrated Wainscot End

Integrated Replica End

Flushed Finished
Plywood End

6" Pocket End
(closed and open)
(Comes with two adjustable shelves)




Haas cabinet offers a large selection of Rev-a-Shelf cabinet inserts. These pullouts are designed to allow easy access to stored items with minimal effort. There is even an insert that will provide you with a little extra countertop space when needed. The particulars on these inserts are listed below.


Mixer stand

Pullout tray divider

Drawer pegs

Tambour wooden pullout table

Wood Half-moon
Pullout closed

Wood Half-moon
Pullout open

Wooden pullout pantry

Tall Pantry Pullout



Doors Prepared for Glass

Haas Cabinet offers a wide variety of styled doors specifically designed to be used with glass panels. These doors provide a view to the inside of the cabinet to show off the contents. (Glass not included.)



Mullion Square

Mullion Arch

Lattice Arch

Lattice Square





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