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Haas Cabinet - An American Company

Haas Cabinet is a family-owned business which proudly provides American manufacturing jobs. We’ve been around for three generations and we plan to be around for many more. That’s why our company is serious about sustainable business practices that protect and improve the environment.
Haas Cabinet has one goal — to responsibly provide the finest value in kitchen cabinetry.



Carlos Haas

Our Founder – Carlos Haas

Already a skilled craftsman, Carlos Haas ("the Colonel") began building cabinets as a hobby in a barn on his southern Indiana farm in 1939. Neighbors who visited his "workshop" would remark on the fine quality of his cabinetry and were soon asking him to build cabinets for use in their homes. It did not take long for the one-time hobby to become a full-time career—and the beginning of Haas Cabinet Co., Inc.



 Our History

Our History

In 1944 the first Haas manufacturing plant was opened. The plant was so narrow that it was jokingly said when anything came into the front door, it had to keep right on going until it went out the back, because there wasn't enough room to turnaround. Space was limited, but the quality of the product remained high. The demand for Haas cabinets continued to grow over the years, making it one of the largest cabinet manufacturers today.



Haas Plant

350,000 square feet

The office, milling and finishing plants totaling 350,000 square feet are located in Sellersburg, Indiana. The assembly plant and warehouse are located in Speed, Indiana. (Just four miles from the old barn.)



Haas Overview Video

Hear Todd Haas talk about Haas Cabinet Company.




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fleet of Haas trucks

Haas cabinets are sold only through dealers and are delivered on our own fleet of Haas trucks--for additional quality assurance. The company remains family owned and operated, and committed to the objective first established by Colonel Haas of manufacturing a high quality product for a reasonable price. Haas stakes our family name on it!